English camp 2011 - Summary

We spend gorgeous time in Puste Zibridovice with wonderful people. These days were full of fun and good mood. I hope Americans feel it same way.

Over the expanse of seven days, Czechs gather with Americans in a cute little town, Puste Zibridovice, to learn and teach english, play crazy games and create frienships in amazing ways. Through the time spent with each other, an atmosphere is created that is irresistable and full of joy...
and in the end, everyone wishes that Ecamp lasted FOREVER!

At the end of the article you can find and URL link to download all (which you can find on this blog) photo from E-camp. It's okay to download it, It's okay to post it on facebook or wherever you want, but please, make a note under pic about me - Author.

Day #1
Because English camp is about ENGLISH, I decide to write this article (and the article in the future  - about E-camp) in english :)

So this is FIRST article from E-camp :) in a fact it's first package of photo :-P

Day #2
It was a day full of raining and sleepy people, it's little bit weird, 'cause it was a second day of camp and everybody is already tired - almost to death.
The rain was really tiring and all of it finish with a movie in afternoon program, dark room - almost everybody fall asleep ...

Day #3
What was better on third day? THE WEATHER! It stops rain for even for a short time, and it was awesome. We can spend some time outside of hotel.

Day #4
It was a pretty awesome day.
We played volleyball and crazy American game called Earth/Ice.
But the level of tiredness is still rising.

Hasn't she a beutiful eyes?

After this day I decided to make another article for portraits, 'cause this day there is a lot of them, so let them together :)

Day #5
A few photos from morning and evening program.
We'd got a English Camp has a talent, and we really had :)
We actually found a lot of talented people in our groups.

This day was little bit different than others. Why? Because this day was HIKE DAY!
It means English class was interrupted and evening program was moved to morning. And after that we got out of hotel and went to a place called "Three stones" it was pretty far but our group wasn't scared and get to the finish well. Photos from Hike will be available soon :)
Now you can enjoy some portraits photo :)

 There it is :) after long waiting photos from hike comes.
It was really awesome but tiring journey :)

Day #6
 Blind Collin and the way over the chairs.

Day #7
Group photos,
Camp fire,
all of these were the main parts of the 7th day of E-camp.
And there is a "few" photo from this unforgettable day.

The greatest people ever :)

A few more portrait from E-camp :)

Day #8
The last day of E-camp
Traditionally we didn't sleep last night of camp.
The best of the best keep wake and enjoy all night :)

Follow up
Good Bye - For NOW
Place: Vikyřovice
Time: day after camp
"Reunion" with wonderful people from E-camp.
We spend with each other all evening playing games, roasting sausage or eating salad. I hope you can feel fun from this photos.

It's okay to download it, It's okay to post it on facebook or wherever you want, but please, make a note under pic about me - Author.

Nevadí mi, když si je stáhnete, nevadí mi, když je nahrajete na facebook nebo kamkoli jinam, ale prosím, aspoň o poznámce pod fotku o autorovi.

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